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Redefining Gayness is a Personal Movement!


redefining gayness

Your Humanity Matters More Than You Realize.

Are you a highly sensitive and creative gay man? Are you frustrated by the isolation and loneliness that can often accompany our experiences in our community and society?

Even though you may be proudly out, you still struggle to be seen and heard, and don’t yet recognize how certain imposed social conditions are still keeping you from living your biggest and best life yet!

Do you want to stop shrinking and claim your life, creativity and celebrate your gayness without the fear of being shamed for who you naturally are?

I can help you identify those internalized beliefs systems that keep you small, so you can rediscover, claim and amplify who you are as a gay man.

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redefining gayness

Means So Much More


Never apologize for asking for what you need, if you don’t ask - the answer will always be no.
— Rachel Wolchin



greg’s writings 

These words will sometimes be short and to-the-point, but mostly I will deliver thoughtful analysis, self-care ideas, self-love inspiration, and no matter what, I will always center your humanity.


“It’s all up to you to change,” is a myth that get’s promulgated to distract you from identifying that it takes support to make personal changes.

-Greg Halpen


the p-cast 

a bi-monthly podcast centering gayness and EVERYTHING in-between launching in 2019