When Consent Culture is Missing From Our Community

How society sees us. How we see ourselves. Gayness is tied up with sex. (No pun intended.) Our humanity is woven into sex. Sex is hyper-sensationalized in both mainstream media and the gay media. The porn industry perpetuates the toxicness of hyper-sexuality, rape and toxic masculinity.

And for the record, my work isn’t about shaming those who enjoy sex. It’s about humanizing our gayness and peeling away the labels that create our identities that cause our humanity to be erased.

Being sex positive is a beautiful, sacred and the most intimate experience we can have with our partner, but including sex to be an identity is another thing especially when consent culture seems to be non-existent.

How we’re perpetuating sex in our community


being sex-positive

consent culture


hyper masculinity

features of toxic masculinity

gay media

mainstream media/hollywood

stereo types

body image



can lead to drug addiction


Greg Halpen