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Greg Halpen came into my life just in time. I'm a gay man, in my 60's now, dealing with depression and other issues involving my self worth. When this loving man came into my life, ready to help me become the best version of myself, to help me embrace myself fully, and to nurture and to use my inner gifts to shine, to develop that voice and to realize that, yeah, I'm special, I'm extraordinary...I was more than ready to make Greg my life-coach.

-Terry A., Chicago


rediscover, claim and amplify who you are meant to be as a gay man



Greg Halpen is a highly sensitive and creative non-binary gay man who chooses he/him/his as his pronouns. Greg is a trained, non-traditional, certified Coach Training Alliance life-coach.

Greg is also a professional performing artist. He attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, and the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, Ca. He has performed in summer stock, regional and NYC theater venues.

Greg integrates his creative experiences with coaching to create a more diverse form of exploration, where the work becomes enlivened, empowering, grounded and impactful for his clients.

Besides helping gay men discover and claim who they are, he is currently working on his bachelor's degree in psychology.

in greg’s own words

I am a white non-binary gay man who doesn’t conform to the gender norms society has placed on me as a male. My commitment is to help gay men rediscover and claim the natural attributes society has stifled within them, in terms of our human emotions and creative expressions.

My own personal healing that has bridged over the course of two decades coupled with ongoing education in trauma, gender and examining our society. This has brought me to a place of becoming deeply passionate about supporting gay men in giving them the tools to help them examine and unpack their internalized wounds and patterns, negative societal and cultural conditioning, and to be able to arrive at affirming life on their terms.

I call myself a life-coach, because that’s what makes sense to the world, but what I see myself as is a holder of space for gay men to explore all of the dark and light within them and have supported many gay men in rediscovering and claiming who they are meant to be without all the internalized stuff.

I do this by individual coaching, group coaching, writing, videos and a podcast.

I’ve grown to become a grounded, unapologetic gay man and work from a place of deep compassion and love. I don’t call myself an activist, but I do continue to examine how I show up as a white man who holds a lot of privilege within a multicultural country, and I will compassionately call out injustices and help to amplify voices that are not heard.

You won’t find self-help, self-development or motivational stuff here, and you won’t find love and light spirituality. This is about you, your humanity and doing this work together. Your truth and experiences will never be bypassed or erased. I talk and write a lot about walking away from things that are no longer working.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working with you!

- Greg