Greg Halpen came into my life just in time. I’m a gay man, in my 60’s now, dealing with depression and other issues involving my self-worth. When this loving man came into my life, ready to help me become the best version of myself, to help me embrace myself fully, and to nurture and to use my inner gifts to shine, to develop that voice and to realize that, yeah, I’m special, I’m extraordinary...I was more than ready to make Greg my life coach.

It isn’t some transactional business thing with Greg. He’s a loving, caring man who truly cares about me and our relationship as coach and client. He pushes me, gently but firmly, to get inside myself, to dig deeper. In the past, I didn’t feel I amounted too much. The depression thing, mostly. But with his guidance and love, he helped me to realize....yeah, I am pretty special after all.

Greg Halpen is a remarkable man and life coach. Before I met him, I was in a pretty bleak place emotionally. A pit of self-loathing. But thanks to him, I’m out of that bleak place. Examining my life, finding that important story of myself to perhaps share with the rest of the world.

Greg Halpen is love, joy, and compassion, ready to help others.
— Terry, Chicago