Greg Halpen

redefining gayness

Your Humanity Matters More Than You Realize.

Are you a gay male identifying human? Are you frustrated by the isolation and loneliness that can often accompany our community and the greater society? Do you want to reclaim your humanity, life and celebrate your gayness without the fear of being shamed of being naturally who you are? I can help you identify those internalized ways you’ve been taught to shrink your voice and body, and how these imposed upon conditions still keep you from living your best life yet!


redefining gayness is a personal movement! 


greg’s writings 

These words will sometimes be short and to-the-point, but mostly I will deliver thoughtful analysis, self-care ideas, self-love inspiration, and no matter what, I will always center your humanity.

the cast 

a bi-monthly podcast about gayness, gender and EVERYTHING in-between launching in 2019