Greg Halpen

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gayness is not an anomaly, gayness is HUMANITY!



Greg is a non-binary gay man who chooses he/him/his as his pronouns. Greg is a deep creative and trained, non-traditional, certified Coach Training Alliance life-coach. He listens to his heart, brain and to YOUR humanity when working with you, and works on deep instinct.

Greg has also been professionally performing since high school. He attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, Ca. He has performed in summer stock, regional and NYC theater venues and is currently working on his bachelors degree in psychology and gender studies.

Greg integrates his creative life and coaching into a cohesive work; the work becomes becomes enlivened, expressive, grounded and becomes much more impactful.

Besides helping gay men reclaiming their humanity, Greg is developing a one person show about neurodivergence.


greg’s own words

I am a non-binary gay man and I don’t conform to the gender norms society has placed on me as a male. My commitment is to the complete autonomy of gay men by helping them restore and reclaim what society has negatively influenced them in terms of their emotions, expressions and humanness.

My own personal healing that has bridged over the course of two decades coupled with on going education in theater, vocal training, trauma, gender and examining our society, has brought me to a place of becoming deeply passionate about supporting gay men in giving them the tools to help them examine and unpack their deep internalized wounds and patterns, negative societal and cultural conditioning, and to be able to arrive at a life completely their own, along with social liberation and living their true authentic selves.

I do this through one to one coaching, my writing and podcast. I will soon be offering group coaching so, be on the look out for this offering.

I’ve grown to become a grounded, unapologetic human and work from a place of deep compassion and love. I don’t call myself an activist, but I will call out injustices and firmly stand with those who’s voices are not heard.

You won’t find self-help, self-development or motivational stuff here, and you won’t find love and light spirituality. This is about you, your humanity and doing this together. Your truth experiences will never get bypassed or erased. I talk and write a lot about walking away from things that are no longer working.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working with you!

- Greg