Greg Halpen

1-1 Coaching

for sensitive, creative gay men, transgender gay men and gender non- binary gay men who want to deepen their understanding of relationships, deepen their life’s purpose and reclaim every facet of their lives.


Changing the course of your life is a radical act of self-love.

My work is centered on your humanity. That’s number one. I support sensitive, creative cis-gender, transgender and non-binary gay men in helping them unpack and unlearn social narratives that are deeply affecting their lives.

I’m here to help guide you through this process.

I’m here to gently show you how to look inward.



 break through the status quo

We live in a society where gay people are made to feel small and invisible. We shrink our voices. We retreat to our safe spaces.

It’s no wonder why we feel unworthy, lonely and isolated. I assure you this burden is not yours to bear. We can lift it and release you into your own potential.


 The gay men I work with come to me wanting

>> To reclaim their creativity that’s been lying dormant for years,

>> To connect or re-connect to their life’s purpose.

>> To feel more confident, self-realized and self-aware.

>> To express themselves fully in the world, to feel supported by community and deepen friendships.

>> To date differently, because how they are dating isn’t working.

>> To understand what it means to heal through the wounds of internalized homophobia.

>> To tap into and deepen their understanding of what radical self-love and self-care is and what it means to make it a full part of their lives.

>> To reclaim dating and relationships, redefine what dating means for them, and date with fierce purpose. 

>> To give themselves permission to be messy humans, to be seen and heard, and to know that they are enough.

>> To deepen their understanding of what it means to prioritize their mental health.


about me as a coach

My passion and purpose is to center our humanity. To Bring us to a place of self-actualization and community. My heart wants to bring us together and sit us down and have one big conversation and ask what it will take for us to heal our own community.

So many answers for sure will surface from this conversation.

I don’t want this work to be about self-help or hyper-individuality. I believe that’s partly what has got us here to begin with. The idea that we are so individualized to the point that we are no longer about community.

My work is about helping you, as gay men, to learn how to help each other.


 this is your invitation

“Love isn’t just a matter of looking at someone, I think now, but also looking with them, of facing what they face.” - Garth Greenwell


 When we do the work, something amazing happens.

>> You’re able to let go of the things that aren’t working for you anymore.

>> You battle less with yourself.

>> You feel more inspired in your job, your business and your creative life.

>> You start to to deepen relationships.

>> You know how to navigate challenging conversations without misunderstanding conflict as abuse

>> You know how to you resolve conflict.

>> You start reclaiming parts of your life.

>> You invite healthy people into your life.

>> You begin to create healthy containers instead of rigid and tight boundaries.

>> You start to feel worthy of yourself.

>> You feel vulnerability and safe within being vulnerable.

>> You see the world differently.

How we can work together

My coaching packages are super friendly and human, so it all depends on our conversation. But it typically falls in the $500 a month range. I do sliding scale and other types of need to need pricing.

If you’re interested in exploring this work together, I invite you to hop on your cell (or landline) for a free 60 minute conversation with me.

During this call I will ask you basic questions that will help me understand where you’re at and what you need. If I’m unable to offer support, I may offer referrals or other resources, but let’s see what happens.

Not sure exactly what you need?

We can work together on a 60 minute call with a scheduled 20 minute follow up PLUS email follow ups for one week. I’ll offer guidance, support and direction in any area you need it. You can email me here to find out details an to set up an appointment.